Security Keypad

By SlappingMachine9
06/10/2023 - 10:11:08

Type: Colonial land vehicle
Rating: 30 (Perfect!)
Tags: gaprop


Random asset I made for a private (modded) adventure. Felt like sharing for lack of any better things to share. Feel free to use


By Gonzalo218

or you can also search up the epsilon 2023 sporecast and find the ship that has the contest details in the description

By Gonzalo218

I can send an invite on discord to the relevant server

By Gonzalo218

Sorry, I can't look at your creatures since I never downloaded the CaC mod

By Gonzalo218

Nice pad, you haven't lost your touch for detail

By thiccboy

To me it looks like a vending mashine

By SinigrNyan

Well, 1111 was my second guess x) I hope that scanner on the bottom left wasn't set up by the same security specialist

By SinigrNyan

Is password 1234? :D


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